Huanshuo Holds the Labor Skills Contest for Celebrating the Labor Day

    In order to celebrate the Labor Day, Shanxi Huanshuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. positively responded to the call of the non-public committee, and held a Labor Skills Contest to celebrate the Labor Day on April 30. This contest was held in the atmosphere of unity, tension, and vividness, and consisted of four parts, that were image display of departments, installation of all-in-ones, rope skipping, and tug-of-war. 
    At first, Jiang Zhijie, CEO of Shanxi Huanshuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. made an opening speech and declared the contest start. In the image display part, all departments organized distinctive exhibition activities with distinct themes based on their own situations. In the tug-of-war part, each team member took part in the dual meet orderly with elation, high morale, eagerness, and fighting spirit. And finally the group combined by the marketing department and software department won in the collective competition after the intense group round robin. The contest ended in the tense and joyful atmosphere at 5 p.m. This contest also reflected the positive spirit of employee in Huanshuo.

    This Labor Skills Contest on May 1 strengthened employees’ constitution, enhanced the friendship between employees, molded employees’ characters, showed the vitality and potential force of enterprise development, and built an excellent environment of “employees grow with the enterprise, and life and work move forward together”. We believe that all staff will develop the spirit of unity, hard work, and aggressiveness in the future and make new and greater contributions to the transformation and quick development of our company with more positive attitude, higher morale, and greater enthusiasm!  

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