Huanshuo Contributes to the Education Resource Platform Construction in Shanxi

    The kick-off meeting of the first batch of resource of the public service platform of Shanxi education resources, “Micro-Lecture (Video) Resource Construction Based on Students’ Independent Study”, was held in Taiyuan during July 17–20. This meeting indicates that the public platform construction of provincial education resources goes up to a new stage.

    More than 70 people attended this meeting, including Hao Xinchun, associate librarian of the Provincial Audio-Visual Education Center, Chen Tiebu (headmaster), expert of the provincial education reform who enjoys the special allowance of the state council, Zhang Weishan (professor), educational expert, Yuan Xiaochun, director of the Provincial Audio-Visual Education Center, vice president of Huanshuo, and academic leaders in the province. Huanshuo provided technical supports for the meeting all along the way, fully promoted the micro-lecture resource construction, and helped to promote the provincial resource platform construction.

    Librarian Hao introduced the background of the meeting and the importance of this meeting on the education in Shanxi firstly, and made a specific explanation of the contribution of Huangshuo on the education in Shanxi and the platform construction.

    Director Yuan emphasized in the meeting that tasks of this meeting included the following aspects: 1, establish micro video courses which cover all disciplines and school phases and serve for students’ independent study within three to five years; 2, unify the understanding, upgrade skills, and carry out laboratory exercises; 3, comb, coordinate, plan language points and ability points of all disciplines in primary and high schools–Guide the completion of micro videos production for Grade 4 and 7; 4, use tablet computers, record template classes to guide teachers in the province production methods, and invite experts to make comments on courses produced by teachers.

    Headmaster Chen Tiebu, expert of the provincial education reform, explained the subject of the “Topic Selection and Creative Design of Micro-lectures” in the meeting. Professor Zhang Weishan explained in detail the making technology of micro videos in the meeting. Academic leaders used the recording software for practice under the guidance of experts. All teachers would comb shooting points of micro-lectures based on disciplines, school phases, and versions, and get centralized training related to the course-recording software installed in our company’s tablet computers during the meeting.

    2014 is a critical year for the education informationization in our province. According to the requirement of Education Ministry, 70% classrooms shall create teaching and research space, and 60% students shall create learning space in our province. This meeting will provide new solutions for following goals: meeting students' independent, personal, fragmentary and terminal learning needs, promoting the deep integration of information technology and education & teaching, and exploring effective methods to use information technology to promote the further reform of basic education.

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