Shanxi Huanshuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is Officially Established

     According to the strategic plan, our company successfully completed the shareholding reform after three months’ hard work under company leaders’ great concern and support of intermediary institutions and obtained the business license on May 8, 2014. Our company held a grand opening ceremony for this shareholding reform on May 24.

     People who participated in this meeting include: Yuan Hongsheng, chairman & president of Shanxi Huanshuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Xu Hongmei, general manager of Yuncheng Huicheng Corporation Management Consultant Co., Ltd., Rong Fang, deputy general manager of the OTC Marketing Department of Shanxi Securities Co., Ltd., Li Jiuwei, general manager of Yuncheng branch of Shanxi Securities Co., Ltd., Chang Jun, senior partner of Allbright Law Offices, Liu Puliu (certificate public accountant), senior partner of Beijing Xinghua Accounting Firm, and other senior executives of our company.

     This ceremony was chaired by Guo Xiaoxia, vice president of Huanshuo, and all the staff attended this ceremony. At the beginning of this ceremony, a brief introduction to all leaders who attended this ceremony was made, and a staff representative read the message.

     Yuan Hongsheng, chairman of Huanshuo, gave a speech at the ceremony and emphasized that the establishment of the joint-stock company marked that Huanshuo had developed into the top-level design stage from the trial stage. This is of strategic significance to Huanshuo to be listed on the “New Three Board”. Though it is hard for Chinese companies to get listed, our company, as an innovative high-tech enterprise, makes full use of the platform provided by the “New Three Board” (in order to improve the equity liquidity), and expands direct financing channels of our company, which improves the governance structure and management system of our company, and provides organization and management support for the development of company business. Yuan expressed heartfelt thanks to leaders who took time from the busy schedule to attend this ceremony. He said that the development of Huanshuo depended on the joint efforts of all colleagues, as well as support and love of the community. Thus, Huanshuo will strengthen strategic partner relationships with other enterprises in the future so as to create conditions to promote the development of both sides together.

     Xu Hongmei, general manager of Huicheng company, gave a speech at the ceremony as the representative of guests and expressed warm congratulations to our company. She said that the establishment of Shanxi Huanshuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was a solid step taken by Huanshuo in the process of more than ten years’ development, and laid an important foundation for the future development of Huanshuo. Huicheng will cooperate with Huanshuo in the future and help promoting the development of information-based high-tech enterprises together.

     At the end of this ceremony, chairman Yuan and guests unveiled the nameplate of Huanshuo in firecrackers, indicating that Shanxi Huanshuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established.

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