Shanxi Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998 with 50,000,000 Yuan of registered capital, headquartering in Yanhu Industrial Park, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province; after more than ten years of development, Huanshuo has obtained double-software enterprise certification and become an information high-tech enterprise leading in Shanxi Province and influential in China.
     The “Huanshuo” serial products such as computer projection machine, education laptop, education tablet, and platforms such as Intelligent Transportation and Smart City that are developed by Huanshuo and have the unique strengths of self-dependent innovation and energy-saving and environmental protection, form the complete operation plan combining terminal products and cloud platforms to truly realize the learning modes of student autonomy, exploration and cooperation. In the teching practice, Huanshuo products are widely recognized by teachers for their efficiency and practicability, building the “practicability” brand.
     The computer projection machine independently researched and developed by Huanshuo is regarded as the industrial standard for computer projection machine in China and becomes the leading product among the industry in China; it also is included in the Product Catalog of Central Government Procurement Center, appointed as the only device for national education multi-media software contest for multiple times and put forward nationally by National Center for Educational Technology. The products have been included in S
     hanxi Province Weak School Transformation Projects for consecutive years, an have a certain share in education information engineering in Guangxi, Guizhou, Yunnan, Qinghai and Xizang.
In June, 2013, Huanshuo and ZTE, Top 500 in China, signed the strategic framework agreement; on January 23, 2014, ZTE-Huanshuo officially signed an agreement with Yuncheng Yanhu Smart      City Project and expected to start construction of the “Huanshuo Smart City Industrial Park” with investment of 3 billion Yuan; now, the Smart City Experience Center has been put into use.      Huanshuo Smart City (Midwest ) operation center forms the park cluster gathering 5 associated industries, including cloud computing, education, medical, Internet of Things and environmental      protection. After the establishment and running of operation center, it will regard Yuncheng as its center and Shanxi Province as its basis and radiate to the central and western regions. It tries to build a R&D operation team of about 5,000 members within 3-5 years, provide powerful technical support and service assurance, stimulate the development of related industries in Yuncheng and      Yellow Delta, and fully drive the economy take-off in Shanxi and the central and western regions.
     Huanshuo does not only manufacture hi-tech products and multiple solutions for many fields, but also constantly pursue corporate and social harmonious development. In recent years, Huanshuo has donated devices worth a couple million Yuan to Education Department of Shanxi Province, Yuncheng Social Services Center and Yangquan 12th Middle School, winning the honorary title of the most responsible SME of Shanxi Province. While pursuing its own value, Huanshuo devotes itself to education development, economy take-off and social progress.
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